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Ask And It Is Given: Manifest All Your Desires

Ask And It Is Given by Esther and Jerry Hicks is a fascinating book, and it’s a little out of the ordinary because the author “accesses a group consciousness from the non-physical dimension” (nonphysical entity called Abraham.) Which is kind of out there.

After reading that, if you’re grabbing your mouse and heading to exit this page, I urge you to stay open and keep reading. This book may totally surprise you. This book is a bit woo-woo. AND this book will inspire and give you an interesting perspective on accessing your inner ability to manifest all you desire.

Let’s suspend your beliefs around Ask And It Is Given and that the premise of the book is that Esther Hicks accesses a nonphysical dimension for now, and let me share with you how this book has inspired and basically changed my world. Especially If you’re interested in the law of attraction, you must get a copy of this book.

When I worked with my executive coach, she was the first person to introduce me to the Abraham-Hicks website. And I signed up to attend one of their live seminars, which blew my mind. Watching Esther close her eyes, access the being called Abraham, and then answer the audience’s questions was wild.

Sitting there, listening, and being in this healing energy felt so good. I was going through a tough time in my relationship, and my outlook was really negative. And I needed something to inspire and snap me out of my dragging ass and “Negative Norbert” type behavior. I was taught at a young age that the world wasn’t fair and to live in fear, lack, and have a victim mentality. If you asked me how my day was going, watch out as I’d go on a rampage about how miserable my life was – sheesh. To think that was me before I started reading their books and practicing what they teach. It’s made a huge difference in my life.

At the end of the seminar, I signed up for their monthly CD, where they’d send me a recording each month that I could listen to in the car. Then I also got a few of their books. Being introduced to them changed me in such positive and inspiring ways.

I read Ask and It Is Given more than once. And my copy is so worn and has many Post-It tabs because I’ve used it so much.

This book will teach you “The Science of Deliberate Creation.” OR the law of attraction. It’s about how your thoughts become things. So you need to pay more attention to your thoughts because they become things.

There are 22 different processes that you can do to manifest all your desires.  This is THE HANDBOOK on the law of attraction and how to turn your thoughts into things. It also teaches you the three core steps to manifesting what you want: 1 – You Ask (for what you want), 2 – The Universe Answers, and 3 – You Allow It In.

If you’re curious about how the law of attraction works or maybe want to get better at it, I’d highly recommend Ask And It Is Given by Esther and Jerry Hicks.

And, if you’ve seen The Secret or read the book, you have to get this one!  Esther and Jerry were in the movie, and the rumor is they were edited out because they were too “woo-woo” for it. I totally disagree because their take on manifesting all you desire is spot on.

A Summary to Inspire You To Read this Book!

Quick Summary: If you believe that we all came from Source Energy – we’re spiritual beings that came to this planet in a physical human body form with thoughts, feelings, and an ego. When we left Source Energy and came into our bodies and minds, we faced problems, illnesses, fears, and scarcity. The teachings in Ask And It Is Given are meant to help you focus back on The Source of where everything originated. This book will teach you how to summon your higher vibrational energy and allow it to flow and enhance all aspects of your life.

WHO Ought to Read this Book: Anyone interested in the law of attraction, manifesting what they desire, and want to attract well-being and abundance. On this planet, you have a choice – do you look at your world fearfully and see all the challenges and negative things affecting you? Or do you choose to love, peace, joy, and well-being? Wayne Dyer says in the Foreward: “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” This is what this Ask And It Is Given will do for you. It will change your whole world if you let it.

Why Read this Book? If you want to be inspired and reminded of who you really are and how knowing this will change your life, you have to pick up a copy or listen to the audio version of Ask And It Is Given. You may not know it or have the awareness yet — everything that’s in your life right now, you’ve created. I know it sounds far-fetched, yet it’s totally true. Whatever you thinketh, you will be it. So my favorite phrase is when it comes to your thoughts, “always pick the good ones.” Your thoughts and your beliefs become your reality. You are a vibrational transmitter, and they will teach you how to become a “joyous deliberate creator.”

A Couple of Things You Will Discover: Whatever you were raised with, the beliefs you learned from your family, friends, education, etc., all of those are swimming inside of you. If you grew up as I did with fear, negativity, and always claiming that I was victimized, you got to read this book. It truly changed my life and perception, and now I wake up daily feeling grateful. I choose my thoughts wisely. I choose to love and release fear. I trust, know, and believe in my Higher Power. I will always be taken care of. And I need to be aware, focus on what I’m thinking, and always choose better-feeling thoughts. How I feel will determine what happens to me. And so much more in here. You will get plenty of exercises to help you, like “wouldn’t it be nice if…” (now I substitute – “wouldn’t it be nice WHEN…” You will also discover the “Rampage of Appreciation” exercise and the $100 wallet exercise. All of this and more is in Ask And It Is Given.


The Science of Deliberate Intent:
“It is our desire that you become one who is happy with that which you are and with that which you have– while at the same time being eager for more. That is the optimal creative vantage point: To stand on the brink of what is coming, feeling eager, optimistic anticipation— with no feeling of impatience, doubt, or unworthiness hindering the receiving of it–that is the Science of Deliberate Creation at its best.”

Your Desires and Beliefs Are Just Thoughts:
“You ask through your attention, through your wanting, through your desire (feeling)– that is the asking (whether your desire it to happen or you desire it not to happen, you are asking….) You do not have to use your words. You just have to feel it in your being” I desire this. I adore this. I appreciate this, and so on. That desire is the beginning of all attraction.”

Stop Focusing On What You Don’t Want:
“As long as you are aware of what you do not want regarding this situation, what you do want can not come to you… When you desire something you think isn’t possible, you are not in alignment. When there’s something that you want, and you are feeling unhappy that you do not have it, you are not in alignment…”

The Key to Creating What You Desire:
“Once you understand that your thoughts equal your point of attraction and that the way you feel indicates your level of allowing or resisting, you now hold the key to creating anything that you desire.”

Your Emotions Are Your Indicator :
“…. we would like you to approach your emotions in a different way: it is our encouragement that you pay attention to how you feel and allow your emotions to be the valuable indicators that they are.”

Getting Into Vibrational Alignment:
“How can I bring myself into vibrational alignment with the desires that my experience has produced? And the answer is simple” Pay attention to the way you feel, and deliberately choose thoughts — about everything — that feel good to you when you think them.”

The Power is Within You:
“We want you to know that you always hold the power and control of your own life experience. The only reason that you could ever experience something other than what you desire is because you are giving the majority of your attention to something other than what you desire.”

You are Deliberate Creators:
“It is helpful to remember that you are creators who have come into this Leading-Edge time-space-reality to experience the joy of directing Source Energy into the specifics of your physical life experience.”

About the Author – Esther Hicks:

Esther Hicks is an inspirational speaker and author. She co-authored eight books with her husband, Jerry Hicks. Together, they have presented Law of Attraction workshops for Abraham-Hicks Publications in up to 60 cities per year since 1987.

Hay House, Inc. published Hicks’ best-selling book, Ask and It is Given, in 2004. Since then, they have also published four more New York Times Best-sellers:

Where I Would Recommend Getting Your Copy:
Ask and It Is Given: Learning to Manifest Your Desires

If you’re interested in this book, I’d highly recommend their other books: The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent, Money and the Law of Attraction, and The Astonishing Power of Emotions

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Soulfully Yours,

Shannon McCaffery

Shannon McCaffery

Strategic Marketing Coach & Consultant

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Ask And It Is Given: Manifest All Your Desires


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