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The Abundance Book: 40 Days to Prosperity

 by John Randolph Price

The Abundance Book: 40 Days to Prosperity by John Randolph Price is one of my little favorites. I keep it on my desk all the time. It always gives me a pick-me-up or a message right when I need it. I call it a “little” favorite because the trim size is only 4×6, and it’s 83 very impactful pages. Don’t let the trim size fool you tho. It’s jam-packed with so many interesting ideas that it’s good to take your time walking through his philosophy of the art of manifesting.

I came across this book from one of my favorite guides in the world, Laura Lee, who saw me at a time when I was struggling and recommended it as a guide to help me get into my positive manifesting mode. Within 3 weeks of doing the exercises, I had money coming in. It felt like magic, yet it was me who directed my energy and created it.  I simply followed Price’s principles of the law of attraction and money from this book.

The subject of the law of attraction and manifesting is one of my favorite topics, and I have read A LOT of books about it, from Neville Goddard and Wayne Dyer to Abraham’s series by Esther & Jerry Hicks.

The number of books on this subject is pretty endless. And if you are new to this subject, I’d highly recommend this book. It’s short, succinct and very clear. If you’re interested in more books on this subject, simply scroll down and I have plenty of “other recommending books,” below.

One of the most impactful things I learned from this book is that money is simply energy. It picks up on the energy you put out from your thoughts. 

The most profound was that money is not your supply. Price says, “Money is simply a medium of exchange.” He goes on to say, “No person, place, or condition is my supply. My awareness, understanding, and knowledge of the all-providing activity of the Divine Mind within me is my supply. My consciousness of this Truth is unlimited; therefore, my supply is unlimited.”

What makes this book different is the concise, packed information he shares and the 40-Day Prosperity Plan that you can use right away. 

The only caveat is that if you have an aversion to the word “God,” this book may not be for you. Yet, if you believe in a higher power or divine guidance and are just opposed to the word “God,” I think this book will be right up your alley. 

What I Loved About This Book:

It’s a book you can pick up and read fairly quickly. You can read it more than once, and I highly recommend it. What I also love is that the 40-Day Prosperity Plan in the book allows you to take action every day with his practical exercises.

This book is simple yet profound, and Price explains things very clearly in his straightforward and honest approach. Other books I’ve read can get pretty complicated. He gives you ideas of affirmations, meditations, and other exercises you can easily incorporate into your daily routine.

Another thing I love is his transformational and inspirational content. As I said earlier, after only two weeks of doing the exercises, I brought in $5k. I’m not saying this will happen to you, yet it’s pretty fun to imagine if it did. Why not check this book out? I loved it so much that I bought several copies and gave them away to my friends, who jumped on the manifestation bandwagon with me.

Also, Price’s optimistic and uplifting tone resonated with me and inspired me to stick with it and keep taking action.

Overall, the book’s combination of practical tools, spiritual insights, and positive outcomes makes it quite popular still today, especially If you’re seeking to enhance your understanding and experience of prosperity.

Check out the “Things You Will Discover” Section for some specific lessons.

A Book Summary to Inspire You To Read It!

Quick Summary:
The Abundance Book: 40 Days to Prosperity” by John Randolph Price is an excellent choice if you are seeking to shift your mindset towards wealth and abundance. This practical guide offers a transformative 40-day program that combines spiritual principles with daily affirmations and meditations, designed to reprogram your thoughts from scarcity to abundance. By focusing on the spiritual basis of wealth, Price’s teachings help you unlock your inner potential and align with the universe’s abundant energy, paving the way for financial prosperity and personal growth and fulfillment. It’s ideal for you if you appreciate a blend of spirituality with practical self-improvement. And if you’re okay with the word “God,” in this context, it’s more about accessing a higher power.

NOTE: Spirituality is not religion. It’s individualistic and is not based on a formal institution. It’s more about personal exploration, experiences, and personal journeys in understanding life and existence. Religion is s often institutionalized with established hierarchies, rules, and guidelines for worship and behavior.

Who Ought to Read this Book and Why:
The Abundance Book: 40 Days to Prosperity by John Randolph Price is for you if you’re open to blending spirituality with practical financial insights. This book is perfect if you’re seeking to shift your mindset from scarcity to abundance, using spiritual principles and daily affirmations. It appeals particularly to people who are not only looking to improve their financial situation but also aiming for personal growth and a deeper understanding of the universal laws of prosperity. If you are committed to a 40-day plan to profoundly transform your approach to wealth and abundance, you will find this book valuable.

Things You Will Discover:

“The Abundance Book: 40 Days to Prosperity” by John Randolph Price focuses on the spiritual and mental foundations of prosperity. You will discover several key insights and practices:

Spiritual Basis of Wealth: Price emphasizes that true prosperity begins with a spiritual understanding of abundance. He posits that wealth is not merely physical but is derived from recognizing and tapping into the spiritual supply that exists universally.

Consciousness of Abundance: A significant theme is the importance of maintaining a consciousness of abundance rather than scarcity. Our financial conditions reflect our inner beliefs and thoughts about money and abundance. Transforming these beliefs from negativity and limitation to positivity and possibility is the key to manifesting prosperity.

The Law of Giving and Receiving: The book underscores the cyclic nature of giving and receiving as fundamental laws of prosperity. Generosity and openness to receiving are crucial in the energy cycle of abundance.

Meditation and Affirmations: These are practical spiritual tools that will help you shift your mindset towards abundance. These practices are intended to reprogram the subconscious mind and align it with the principles of prosperity.

Developing a Prosperity Consciousness: The book is structured around a 40-day plan that guides you through daily meditations and affirmations that are designed to cultivate a prosperous mindset and transform your relationship with wealth.

Overcoming Fear and Worry: This psychological barrier—fear and worry about money are a block that will hinder you from manifesting prosperity.  Price advises you on how to release these negative emotions and trust in the divine source of abundance.

Trust in the Divine: The book encourages a deep trust in the divine as a source of unlimited abundance, urging you to align your personal energy with this source.

Practical and Spiritual Integration: Discover how to integrate spiritual insights with practical financial habits to create a holistic approach to wealth and abundance.

These insights are not just about increasing financial wealth; they also aim to enrich your spiritual understanding and personal growth.

Inspiring Book Quotes:

It’s About Your Consciousness:
“The Universe does not compensate individuals based on the activity of work, but on the activity of consciousness.“

Your Outer World And Inner World:
“Your outer world of form and experience is a reflection of your inner world of thoughts and feelings. As Above So Below. as within so without.”

Deepen Your Understanding:
“The deeper your understanding of spirit as the source, substance, and activity of your supply, the more permanently that truth will be etched in your consciousness.”

Is Your Belief System Holding You Back?
“Do you have an aversion to wealth? Do you object to being rich? does the word ‘abundance’ bother you? If you have the slightest reservation, then you’d better check your belief system…”

Are You In Denial?
And If you deny unlimited prosperity, you’re denying yourself because YOU are the image of omnipresent wealth, the expression of the infinite Riches of the universe, and individualization of lavish abundance.” 

Stop Believing This Now:
“You must begin this very moment to cease believing that money is your substance, your supply, your support, your security, or your safety.”

What Exactly Is Money?
“You must think of money and any other material desire or possession simply as an outer symbol of the inner supply.”

Are Critical Thoughts & Fears Holding You Back?
“Critical thoughts and feelings of fear will hold back your good, while consciousness of Love and Trust will speed up the flow. love is the Fulfillment of the law, and Faith is the energy that clears the channel.”

Keeping Your Channel Open:
“By keeping your focus on Spirit, however, you will keep the channel open for externalizing spirit. According to the Divine idea, the time must come when you will satisfy a need for money by steadfastly depending on the master Within and not on anything in the outer world of form.”

Understand This:
“Understand that you are not trying to make anything happen. you are simply releasing the abundance that is already a part of your true nature. eliminate all pressure and intensity. Let the substance flow into visibility and experience. ”

About the Author:  John Randolph Price

John Randolph Price, formerly a CEO in the corporate world, transitioned to a prolific author, writing 18 nonfiction books that merge ancient wisdom, contemporary metaphysics, and spiritual philosophy. His works, including national bestsellers like “The SUPERBEINGS,” “The Angels Within Us,” and “The Abundance Book,” have made significant contributions to the field of positive living worldwide. 

Price’s literary contributions extend to three fiction books, with his final work, “Once and Once Again,” published by Balboa Press in 2014. His commitment to disseminating spiritual knowledge has earned him multiple accolades, including the 1992 Humanitarian Award from the International New Thought Alliance and the Joseph Murphy Award in 1994 for his impactful writings. Recognizing his broader contributions, he was awarded honorary doctorates and named one of the world’s leading visionaries.

Where I Would Recommend Getting Your Copy:

The Abundance Book: Includes the 40-day Prosperity Plan by John Randolph Price

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Other Books I’d Recommend:

I‘d also recommend some other books on the law of manifesting:

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Soulfully Yours,

Shannon McCaffery

Shannon McCaffery

Strategic Marketing Coach & Consultant

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