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Outrageous Openness: Letting The Divine Take The Lead by Tosha Silver

Were you ever in a situation where you had someone you worked with and ended up spending some quality time outside of work? As you got to know them, you really enjoyed their company and learning more about them and their life.

Then, one day, they give you a book. And this book has a very bizarre cover, and you’ve never heard of the author. Then they tell you they worked with them, thought of you, and gave you the book?

What would you do?

Well, sadly, that was me back in 2009. And then I was very full of myself and on top of the world. When I got the book, I had so many others I wanted to read, so this self-published book stayed on my shelf. I’m not sure why I was a bit of a snob about it. Maybe I just wasn’t ready for the content of it…

And in all those years, and every move (there were 4 of them), the book came with me. I couldn’t let it go. First, because my friend wrote me a beautiful inscription, and I thought one day I would read it.

Well, I’m happy to say that one day came, and now I’m writing this blog summary about it – Outrageous Openness: Letting The Divine Take The Lead by Tosha Silver.

During and after I read this book, my mind was totally expanded. I had no idea that this book would be so interesting. And that I needed to add it to my long lead of books about Abundance. The title definitely didn’t give it away.

She talks about intuition, Divine connection, manifesting, and abundance in such a different way than all the other authors I’ve read. (She’s also written another book I’d recommend – “It’s Not Your Money.” she takes this book to the depths of the divine power.

Plus she mentions an author – Florence Scovel Shinn, who was born in 1871 and was an American artist and book illustrator who became a New Thought spiritual teacher and metaphysical writer in her middle years. How cool is that?! All I read were all the men who were metaphysical thought and spiritual leaders.  Now, I discovered Shinn from Tosha Silver’s book. She was inspired by her and all her books.

This book is a collection of all her essays from writing for 2 years in the San Francisco Spiritual Examiner. This book, at its core, is all about how to “align with the Divine, independent of life’s fluctuations.” It’s about her belief and experiences “that a Force of Love exists that can guide, help, and interact with each of us in the most intimate and practical way no matter what the conditions. If only we knew how to invite it in.”

So, if you’re attracted and intrigued about how to “wildly and totally be open to the Divine,” Then you definitely need to read on and pick up a copy of this book!

A Book Summary to Inspire You To Read It!

Quick Summary
Outrageous Openness: Letting the Divine Take the Lead is about just that…  It’s about radical surrender to the Universe, trusting it to guide you, even when the path may feel obscured. It’s a collection of spiritual anecdotes, thoughts, and lessons on Divine intervention in everyday life. What I love about this book is Silver’s writing style and how she weaves these inspiring stories. She doesn’t stand on a pedestal preaching. Instead, it feels like you’re having coffee with her in your favorite cafe, sharing her own vulnerabilities with a sprinkle of wisdom and even joy. This is more than a book. It feels like an invitation to let go of your fears, embrace the unexpected, and discover that when you change your perspective, miracles happen, big and small.

Who Ought to Read this Book and Why:
“It’s written for the passionately spiritual and bemusedly skeptical alike,” Silver exclaims. So, if you’re a spiritual novice, skeptic, or seasoned seeker, this book will definitely leave an indelible mark on how you can let the Divine in your life take the lead. It’s about releasing control fear, and cracking open to your wisdom within and your bigger connection to the Universe. If you’re ready for a journey of transformation, then get your proverbial ticket, fasten your seat belt, and enjoy the Divine ride of your life with her best-selling book. 

Table of Contents:

ONE RU My Mother?

TWO Shopping With God

THREE When You Know The One, Anything Can Come

FOUR Follow The Inner Lead.

FIVE Giving It All Up

SIX Be What You Seek

SEVEN The Holiday Emergency Survival Kit

EIGHT When In Doubt, Clean

NINE Objects In Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear 

TEN Own Your Power (Or Someone Else Will)

ELEVEN Romantic Kismet

TWELVE Mundane Miracles And Other Mysteries

THIRTEEN Contestants Must Be Present To Win

FOURTEEN The Higher Octave

FIFTEEN Be Who You Are, Really

SIXTEEN Be What The World Needs

Things You Will Discover:

Lessons in Letting Go And Surrender: This is one of the foundations of this book is being able to give up the idea of control. Silver encourages you to allow the Divine, the Universe, or whatever you call that force that’s bigger than us humans, and let it take the reins. Then trust that it has a plan and believe in this and yourself.

Divine Synchronicity: There’s so much Divine intervention in the world. You have to be aware and start noticing. There are so many meaningful coincidences that aren’t coincidences at all. Nothing really happens by chance. It’s when these events happen that they are simply a nudge from the Universe, guiding you on your path.

Gratitude And Abundance: This concept is major to being connected with the Divine. It’s all about acknowledging and appreciating what you have and being open to receiving more abundance. Being grateful first, and not just for material things, for relationships, loving-kindness, sunsets, and more.

Lighten Up: While you’re on this spiritual journey in your physical self, it’s far from a serious matter. Go out and find joy and laughter, and lighten things up, even in the most profound moments. Seriousness is totally overrated. 

Some of The Best Stories:

The Parking Space: One of the most often cited stories is Silver’s persona tale about using a mantra to find parking spaces in crowded urban streets. It’s a humorous tale that underscores the deeper truth about faith in the small things and how important it is to pay attention to your beliefs and intentions. These are how you can manifest in your everyday life. 

Unexpected Income: It’s a story about a person who was financially strapped and not sure how they’d pay their bills. Instead of panicking, they opened themselves up to the Divine for assistance, which led to a very surprising avenue of abundance.

Offering Your Problems to The Divine: This was about a woman who was struggling with a relationship. And by turning her worries over to the Divine and sincerely asking for assistance, she was able to receive some life-changing wisdom and clarity.

Inspiring Book Quotes:

The Right Timing:
“If you align in any moment with the flow of life as it presents itself, all will unfold in the right way at the right time with a certain spontaneity and ease.”

The Goal of Detachment:
“Detachment creates room for creation.”

Help Please Now:
“Please show me your Divine Will in this matter and send a clear sign that gives the proper direction. And if for some reason I’m about to head the wrong way, please, please stop me.”

There’s Only 3 Divine Answers:
“God only gives us three answers, “Yes, not yet, or no, I love you too much.” ~Anonymous”

Embrace All Your Parts:
“Abundance is something to be, not seek or await.”

What Abundance Really Is:
“… I began to see how my own spiritual stage had been set for this great and universal drama, a drama on which the curtain frequently rises at midlife. It was a drama in which the false selves of the ego and the true identity of the Self wrestle for primacy in the human personality.”

Stop Worrying Now:
“Why worry? What is meant for you is always meant to find you. ~Indian poet-saint Lalleshwari”

Allow Guidance:
“Divine Order says that the perfect solution to any problem is already selected if you allow yourself to be guided.”

This Is What You Can Change:
“The only thing you can change is your own vibration.”

Let The Ego Go:
“Eventually the individual ego’s drive to “make things happen” falls away, replaced with a relaxed, trusting openness to answers as they spontaneously arise.”

The Route to Abundance:
“Our culture is all about hard work and control but zilch about letting go and following the lead of a higher power.”

This Is What Enough Means:
“It’s good to know both your specialness and your utter dispensability. Then, you can let go and embrace it all. You can play your role in this exquisite, absurd story with complete abandon. You can be a melting snowflake, a drifting leaf, or a nature spirit dancing in a pond. And if you touch any heart with what you do for the brief moments you are here, that is enough.”

Be Open And Ask:
“Today, the Divine will show me the way. I’m open to all messages, signs, and omens. I’ll move as if there’s a Force of Love waiting to aid me in every area of my life, big or small.”

It’s Meant To Be:
That’s how karma is. When something is right, prior lifetimes carve patterns of energetic familiarity and recognition. A template forged in the fires of the past clicks back in. People just fit… In Yiddish it’s Bashert, meant to be.

About the Author – Tosha Silver

Tosha Silver – For the past 30 years, Tosha has taught people around the world practical ways to align with Inner Love. Crazy but true, until she stopped in 2012 to write and teach, she’d given around 30,000 readings. She’s the author of Outrageous Openness, Change Me Prayers, and It’s Not Your Money. She lives in New York, where she runs an online school called “Living Outrageous Openness,” ongoing support to those who truly want to live these beautiful, ancient practices. You can also join her on Facebook by liking her author page, where she often writes. 

She particularly enjoys finding fresh, funny ways to embrace the Divine while avoiding conventional jargon and cliches at all costs. She loves how the sacred and mundane are truly One. Love Itself begins to lead when it is sincerely invited….by anyone.

The Universe is a Divine party. Come as You are!

Where I Would Recommend Getting Your Copy:
Outrageous Openness: Letting the Divine Take the Lead by Tosha Silver

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Soulfully Yours,

Shannon McCaffery

Shannon McCaffery

Strategic Marketing Coach & Consultant

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Outrageous Openness Tosha Silver

Outrageous Openness: Letting The Divine Take The Lead by Tosha Silver


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