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Book Review Touched By The Sun

Touched By The Sun by Carly Simon

While Reading Carly Simon's, Touched By the Sun - totally inspired me to write this book review and ask this question -- Have you ever read...
The Book of Divine Love

Inspiring Heart Opening Poems by Mary Burnett Brown

Since I started this book blog two months ago, I've been focusing on reviewing a combination of business, and mindset books I love, as also spiritual...
Dan Kennedy, Dr. Maxwell Maltz

The New Psycho-Cybernetics by Dr. Maxwell Maltz and Dan Kennedy

Who’s driving "your car?!" How are you holding up during this bizarre COVID-19 time? How’s your business? Are you happy about where your business is right...
Gabrielle Bernstein, Gabby Bernstein

YOU Are the Guru! by Gabby Bernstein

While surfing through Audible, looking for a "good read" last week, I came across the "Audible Original" section. I don't usually peruse it too much because,...

It’s Time to Dream Big(ger)! by Bob Goff

Where are you in this journey we call life? What is it that you truly want from it? Do you have it yet? If yes, awesome....

Hey there, I'm Shannon! Being a voracious reader and passionate about learning, I started this site in the hopes of sharing my thoughts and my love of inspiring nonfiction books that can help you. It's kind of like Buddha meets business. I truly hope you enjoy!

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