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Book Image A Still Small Voice

A Still, Small Voice by Echo Bodine

Reading A Still, Small Voice by Echo Bodine was almost like magic was happening every day. My intuition was on fire. I was listening to my...
Book Review Touched By The Sun

Touched By The Sun by Carly Simon

While Reading Carly Simon's, Touched By the Sun - totally inspired me to write this book review and ask this question -- Have you ever read...
The Book of Divine Love

Inspiring Heart Opening Poems by Mary Burnett Brown

Since I started this book blog two months ago, I've been focusing on reviewing a combination of business, and mindset books I love, as also spiritual...
Dan Kennedy, Dr. Maxwell Maltz

The New Psycho-Cybernetics by Dr. Maxwell Maltz and Dan Kennedy

Who’s driving "your car?!" How are you holding up during this bizarre COVID-19 time? How’s your business? Are you happy about where your business is right...
Gabrielle Bernstein, Gabby Bernstein

YOU Are the Guru! by Gabby Bernstein

While surfing through Audible, looking for a "good read" last week, I came across the "Audible Original" section. I don't usually peruse it too much because,...

Hey there, I'm Shannon! Being a voracious reader and passionate about learning, I started this site in the hopes of sharing my thoughts and my love of inspiring nonfiction books that can help you. It's kind of like Buddha meets business. I truly hope you enjoy!

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