The 4-Hour Works Week by Tim Ferriss

4-Hour Work Week

This book – The 4-Hour Work Week, basically blew up and created a whole new crop of entrepreneurs when it hit the market back in 2007. The reason why I’m intimate with this is mainly because I was one of them! I had just been laid off from corporate America (It was when the publishing…

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On Good Authority: 7 Steps To Prepare, Promote And Profit From A How to Book That Makes You the Go-To Expert by Anna David

So why is this book one of the best I’ve read in writing and promoting your book? One reason – she gives you a complete “how-to system” to “Prepare” – write your book, “Promote,” and “Profit” from it.

Plus, David gives so many inspiring stories and real examples I practically highlighted the whole book.

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Marketing A Love Story by Bernadette Jiwa

Marketing a love story

My life’s work has been pretty ironic. You know the old saying – “Never say never,” cuz when you do – what you said “never” about always ends up coming true? Well, that happened to me.  To this day, I remember exactly where I was – in the basement office of my college campus. I…

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Don’t Make Me Think Revisited by Steve Krug

Don't Make Me think - Steve Krug

When creating a website, the biggest issue is the site is NOT FOR YOU! It’s for your dream clients/customers. That’s the worst offense I’ve seen in my many years of working with businesses and helping them create high-converting sites and online dream client experiences.

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